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My name is Pam Collins. I was born in Essex, but have lived in the West Country over 50 years. Currently I live just outside Bridgwater in Somerset. Animals have always been my passion.

Although cats have always been part of my life it wasn't until I married in 1969 and Mike bought me a Blue Cream Burmese kitten that pedigree cats came into it! I visited the National Cat Club Show in December 1970 and saw my first Cornish Rex - I was smitten. In 1971 I bought LOHTEYN PHEASANT, bred by Leo Heath, on breeding terms - hard to believe that was over 50 years ago. We are still producing Cornish and am at present involved in my fifth outcross this time using another Russian Blue. I have previously worked with Margaret Lawrence (Dracuncula) and Nicola O'Louchlin (Fritillery) and very much appreciate their input in the lines I have today.

Margaret John (Hephzibah) who also bred Cornish introduced me to Birmans in 1972 and I was absolutely overwhelmed by their beauty and presence. There were very few kittens available at that time and it took me 2 years to get to the top of Betty Brown's waiting list. SMOKEYHILL MAYLI HO joined us in 1974 and CRAGLAND KULI bred by Enid Holmes in 1975. I was very fortunate to obtain SALWANA SAMUEL bred by Dorrie Baldwin from Betty, pedigree almost identical to Mayli's, a wonderfully sound line both in health and temperament. I am still breeding with the pure Seal and Blue lines today.

I have also produced Red Series in the past, initially with Bill Nethercott (Snoshu) Red lines and Don Wieden (Burmanx/Sedeki) Red lines. In the late 90's I was involved in two further Red Series outcrosses. Due to several breed defects in those lines which, unfortunately, I had already put into the 2 original Red lines that I was working with (thinking that I was widening the gene pool). I had to discontinue breeding the Red Series as health and temperament have always been my top priority.

I still show regularly, as I feel it is really important to make certain that we are breeding to the Birman and Cornish Rex Standard of Points. I am also grateful to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy for over 40 years of a really enjoyable hobby and the opportunity to meet so many people both in the UK and abroad.

If anyone wishes to contact me I am usually available on 01278 455979 or email:

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